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Teeccino Recipes

From comforting hot lattes to refreshing iced drinks, libations, and desserts, you’ll find that there are lots of ways to enjoy Teeccino besides just brewing it! Plus, you can use the brewed Teeccino grinds in many of the recipes to add texture, flavor, and nutrition. Head over to to discover more delicious recipes.

Teeccino Cheesecake

When one of our staff members brought this delicious cheesecake to our office, everyone went nuts. How could it be so simple to make and yet taste and look like it took hours to prepare? OK, we know this isn’t exactly on the diet plan, but it is on the occasional indulgence plan! Delicious!


  • 2 pre-made pie crusts
  • 3 x 250g packages of cream cheese, preferably organic
  • 1 cup sugar, preferably organic
  • 4 eggs, preferably organic
  • 500g sour cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp French Roast Teeccino grounds
  • 1/4 cup strongly brewed French Roast: (To make strongly brewed French Roast: Infuse 4 tbsp French Roast Teeccino in 1/3 cups boiling water for 3 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh metal strainer, paper filter, or one cup brewer.)


  • Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees C
  • Using stand or hand mixer at medium speed, beat cream cheese until smooth
  • Add sugar, beat mixture until smooth
  • Add 1 egg, beat mixture well, repeat with rest of eggs
  • Add sour cream, vanilla, ground Teeccino and brewed Teeccino. Mix until smooth
  • Pour mixture into the 2 pie crusts
  • Place each pie into a large baking pan. Fill the bottom of the pan with water
  • Bake at 150 degrees C until cheesecakes are set in center (shake gently to check), about 50 minutes. Add more water to the bottom of pan during baking if needed
  • Remove pies from oven and let cool at room temperature for at least 30 minutes
  • Chill pies in refrigerator until cooled throughout, about 2 hours (if you are in a hurry, can chill in freezer for about 30 minutes)
  • Dust with cocoa powder and serve

Chocolate Mint Cooler

Fresh mint leaves blended into Teeccino Chocolate Mint give this drink an extra hit of refreshing coolness. Cocoa powder is an ingredient in Teeccino Chocolate Mint but by adding even more, you get a truly rich chocolaty drink that doesn’t have too much sugar compared to cocoa beverage mixes. Instead, maple syrup produces just enough sweetness to gratify the sweet urge and overcome the natural bitterness of cocoa powder. What makes chocolate really pop out is cream, pure and simple, but using a low-cal alternative will still turn this Teeccino Chocolate Mint Cooler into a fabulous dessert drink or simply a great pick-me-up on hot days.


  • 1 Cup – Teeccino Chocolate Mint, brewed and chilled in advance
  • 1 Tbsp – Cocoa powder
  • ½ Cup – Cream, Almond Milk Creamer, unsweetened or low-fat milk.
  • ¼ Cup – Maple syrup
  • 3 Leaves – Spearmint, fresh and de-stemmed
  • 1 twig of spearmint for a garnish.


  • Brew Teeccino using 4 rounded tablespoons per 8 cups water in a drip coffee maker or 1 tablespoon per cup water in a French Press.
  • Chill the brewed Teeccino in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or in the freezer for an hour.
  • Into a blender, add Teeccino, cocoa powder, creamer, maple syrup and fresh mint leaves.
  • Blend thoroughly.
  • Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a spearmint twig.
  • Sip away and enjoy!

Teeccino Mochatini

Teeccino is an amazing addition to so many delicious libations. This easy-to-make “Teeccino” is one of our favorites! Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and coffee? But traditional Mochatinis call for two shots of espresso – for most of us, that much caffeine in the evening would have us up all night long. Thanks to Teeccino, you can have your Mochatini and drink it too!


  • 45ml vanilla vodka
  • 30ml chocolate liqueur
  • 60ml brewed Teeccino French Roast (or any coffee-like flavor), chilled
  • Chocolate shavings (white or dark – simply grate a chocolate bar with a fine grater onto a dish)
  • Orange juice – just enough to fill a small saucer
  • Small sprig of fresh mint for garnish – 1 for each cocktail


  • Dip rim of martini glass in orange juice, then dip rim of glass into chocolate shavings.
  • Fill martini shaker with ice, add vodka, chocolate liqueur and cooled Teeccino.
  • Shake then pour into martini glass.
  • Embellish with a sprig of mint to the side of the glass
  • ENJOY!