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How to Brew

How To Brew
A Cup of Teeccino

Teeccino Herbal Coffee is made from a number of different ingredients that are individually ground, roasted and blended. Unlike coffee beans which are ground to a specific size for each type of brewing method, herbal coffee is a composite grind that works in all types of coffee brewing equipment including drip coffee makers, one-cup filters, plungers (French press pots), and espresso machines. The following tips will help you brew a delicious cup of herbal coffee:


Always adjust quantities of Teeccino to your own preference. Just like coffee, some people like it strong while others prefer it weaker. Experiment by making several cups of Teeccino at different strengths to find the quantity that is perfect for you.


Drip coffee makers brew Teeccino best with a “gold” or permanent filter. Paper filters tend to brew slowly because the composite grind in herbal coffee may have some fine particles that can clog the paper. Permanent gold filters save trees and produce a better flavoured brew because paper filters absorbs some flavour. Gold filters are easy to rinse clean and are available for both cone and flat bottom coffee makers. Once you switch to gold filters, you’ll never again run out of filters!

Milk and sweeteners:

Drink Teeccino anyway you enjoy coffee. You may like it black or with milk, non-dairy milk or milk if that is how you normally enjoy coffee. Taste Teeccino first before adding sweetener. Some Teeccino blends are naturally sweet from dates and figs, so you may not need additional sweetener.


In a Drip Coffee Maker or One-Cup Filter Drip Coffee Makers:

    • Strong : Add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 2 cups of water to a permanent gold or paper filter.
    • Medium : Add 1 level tablespoon for every 2 cups of water.
    • Light : Add 1 teaspoon for every 2 cups water.

SwissGold One-Cup Brewer:

Remove the inner cup and add 1 rounded tablespoon to the gold filter. Replace the inner cup and pour boiling water into the cup until full. In 1 minute or less, the water will drip through the filter and your cup of Teeccino will be ready to drink.

In a Plunger/French Press:

Add 1-2 tablespoons to “3-cup” pots, 3-4 tablespoons to “8-cup” pots, 5-6 tablespoons to “12-cup” pots. Pour in boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes before pressing the plunger down. Pour and enjoy!

In an Espresso Machine:

  1. Fill the double filter basket with one rounded tablespoon of Teeccino.
  2. Tamp firmly.
  3. Follow the normal directions for making a cappuccino or latte with steamed milk or soy milk.

Brewing Teeccino with an Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Creamer:

  1. Brew “espresso strength” Teeccino in an Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker Fill water chamber up to the rivet with cold, filtered water.
  2. Put one to two scoops of Teeccino into the filter basket and tamp with the back of the scoop.
  3. Screw on top chamber and place moka pot over medium flame.
  4. When you hear the moka pot begin to hiss, it is time to turn it off. Let it sit for a few moments until the hissing stops. Note: The Moka Pot comes with a strainer top with a knob on it. This is used if you only want to make 1/2 a pot. Fill the filter basket 1/2 full and place the strainer over the top.
  5. Foam milk or soy milk in a Cappuccino Creamer
  6. Heat milk or soy milk in the “Cappuccino Creamer” milk frother with the top removed. When hot, remove from the heat and replace the top.
  7. Push the plunger up and down rapidly. The hot milk will froth up into a lovely foam.
  8. Tap the pot a few times and the bubble size will reduce to velvet foam!
  9. Fill a cup 1/3 to 1/2 full with Teeccino. Top with frothed milk.
For Cappuccinos : add more foam than milk. For Lattes: add hot milk and top with foam.

Iced Teeccino:

Method One : Refrigerate brewed Teeccino. (Teeccino will last up to five days in the refrigerator!). Pour over ice and add cold milk or non-dairy milk. Sweeten to taste. If using honey, sweeten when hot. Method Two : Fill a large glass 2/3rd full with ice. Add 1/4 cup cold milk, or more, depending on taste. Pour brewed Teeccino over the ice and milk. We recommend brewing Teeccino stronger than normal so the melting ice won’t dilute Teeccino too much. Sweeten if needed.