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Dandelion Mocha Mint

Teeccino Dandelion Mocha MintDandelion Mocha Mint

Dandelion Mocha Mint is 100% Certified Gluten Free and 85% Organic. Enjoy the coolness of peppermint leaves infused into deep roasted dandelion and chicory roots with the lush richness of cocoa powder to give this brew a subtle chocolatey finish.


Caroline MacDougall thumbCaroline says:

“Take roasted cocoa powder, from which heavenly chocolate is created, and add a spike of green peppermint leaves to make a cool contrast against dark coffee notes coming from chicory and dandelion roots and voila! Now you have a tea that has the depth and heights along with everything in between to entrance you endlessly. Truly your taste buds will never tire of this tea, and you can equally enjoy it either hot or iced. Both are divine…well, at least they’ll make you feel divine!

“If you’re seeking a digestive stimulant by the way, peppermint is famed for relieving intestinal complaints while the bitters in dandelion and chicory roots kick your liver and gallbladder into action. On top of that these two roots happen to be nature’s highest sources of inulin, the prebiotic soluble fibre that feeds your probiotics, those billions of gut inhabitants that are responsible for creating vitamins, immune metabolites, and healthy digestion and elimination. They do everything from reduce inflammation to influence your food cravings. Feed them and you shall thrive!”

Ingredients: Roasted organic carob, organic chicory, organic dandelion root, organic dates, almonds, natural mocha flavor, organic cocoa powder, peppermint leaf, organic figs, peppermint oil.
Contains: Almonds

Available sizes:

Teebags 10 count