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Natural coffee flavour

Teeccino and glutenWhat do we mean by “natural coffee flavour”?

To obtain the flavour of coffee WITHOUT simply using coffee, we seek the services of professional flavour houses, who are experts at extracting individual flavour components from natural ingredients in order to create natural flavours. Normally, as is the case with Hazelnut flavour, the flavour is extracted from a hazelnut paste and other nut pastes. But in the case of our natural coffee flavour, the components of coffee flavour are extracted from a number of different ingredients including coffee, chicory and believe-it-or-not, garlic! Who would imagine that coffee and garlic share the same flavour component?

The expertise of flavour chemists allows them to use natural ingredients to derive flavours without getting ALL the components of each source, such as the caffeine component of coffee. Thus it is possible to produce coffee flavour without caffeine. Watch out though for coffee flavoured ice cream, yoghurt, etc. because these foods usually contain a coffee concentrate or even ground coffee beans that do have caffeine.

Teeccino makes sure that the flavours used are completely natural and don’t contain harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, a petroleum product that is added to many food and skin care products, or MSG, preservatives, etc.

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