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About Teeccino

Teeccino product rangeAbout Teeccino – It’s not coffee – it’s coffee-style!

Teeccino is a delicious coffee-style beverage that is completely caffeine-free!

It is cleverly made from a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground until it resembles ground coffee beans – ready to brew in your coffee machine, plunger or cup-filter, just like regular coffee.

Teeccino allows coffee-drinkers to keep their cherished coffee ritual with all the enjoyment and fulfillment of a freshly brewed cup.

It’s a satisfying alternative for coffee-lovers.

People who are motivated by health reasons to quit coffee can kick the caffeine habit using Teeccino. With 16 “varieties” to choose from, Teeccino’s full-bodied, dark roasted flavour and its nutritious health benefits, coffee drinkers can blend Teeccino with coffee to reduce caffeine and acidity or simply drink Teeccino in the afternoon and evening without affecting sleep patterns.

Kids also love Teeccino as a healthy alternative to caffeinated drinks like cola and hot chocolate!

Pregnant women and children can also drink Teeccino with no worries.

Created by Caroline MacDougall, an award-winning herbal beverage designer, Teeccino is made from nutritious ingredients such as dates, figs, almonds, carob, barley, and chicory – roasted and brewed to create the rich body of Teeccino. Unlike decaf coffee (that still contains caffeine and has high acidity) there has not been any chemical processing or extraction of any Teeccino ingredient because they are all naturally caffeine free.

Teeccino offers a number of health benefits to help coffee drinkers achieve optimal health:

  • Natural energy boost from 65 mgs of potassium in each cup
  • Alkaline – helps reduce acidity in the body
  • Enhances digestion and elimination
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar and appetite
  • Pre-biotic – supports beneficial microflora
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Provides a natural energy lift

Teeccino herbal coffee tastes so much like coffee that people think there must be coffee in it! But just as there is no “tea” in herbal tea, there is no “coffee” in herbal coffee.