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Kids and Teeccino

Girl drinking TeeccinoWhat about Kids and Teeccino?

Well, why not? Sharing a hot drink with the whole family – including children – is a nourishing way to connect. Whilst it is common for parents to drink coffee or tea, children are usually told they can’t have any because they shouldn’t have caffeine. Happily, Teeccino is a beverage the whole family can enjoy – guilt-free.

Teeccino makes a nourishing drink for kids that can be enjoyed day-in and day-out without any problems from stimulants. Teeccino is unsweetened so parents can choose the sweetener they think best for their children. With its potassium and inulin content, Teeccino makes a nutritious hot beverage that parents can feel good about serving to their children.

Hot chocolate is a common treat for kids, but parents should restrict it to special occasions because it is full of sugar and the stimulants, theobromine and caffeine. If you don’t want to trigger your kids’ hyperactivity with sugar and stimulants, choose a stimulant-free hot beverage like Teeccino instead of hot chocolate. Teeccino’s Chocolate, Mocha or Chocolate Mint flavours all contain only a hint of lush chocolate, so kids can get that special treat feeling, without the side-effects! These are the perfect first flavours to introduce to children since they already love the taste of chocolate.

Children like to feel grown-up by enjoying a coffee-like beverage with their parents. Teenagers can enjoy an alternative to coffee that won’t start them on the energy roller coaster of highs and lows that caffeine triggers. While kids are still growing, caffeine should be avoided as much as possible.

Teeccino’s many delicious flavours are appealing to children’s palates. Brewing them up with frothy milk or non-dairy milk is a yummy – and healthy – way to get a warming, satisfying drink any time of the day.

Some children have a sensitivity to almonds – if this is an issue for you, choose Teeccino’s Maya flavours that don’t contain tree nut allergens (Chocolate, French Roast, Chai).

If you brew a pot of Teeccino in the morning for everyone to start their day with and you have any leftover, put it in the refrigerator. Teeccino will store for up to a week without flavour loss. You can drink it as iced Teeccino on hot days. Or simply reheat it in the evening and serve everyone a delicious after-dinner cup of Teeccino – the perfect start and finish of a day for the whole family to enjoy together.